LED Day – 154

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Day of December 15th 2014

  • Typhoon Hagupit (also known as Typhoon Nina) was a major tropical storm which hit the Philippines in 2008 and claimed more than 60 lives.
  • Tagalog is the native tongue of the Filipino people. It is spoken by a majority of the population in the Philippines as a second language. It shares the status of official state language with English.
  • Vitiligo is a disorder of the skin which causes a patchy disappearance of dark/brown pigmentation, leaving spots of pale white skin which is otherwise healthy. The extent and intensity of vitiligo is unpredictable.
  • This video is too cool.
  • The Senate finally voted in Vivek Murthy as the new Surgeon General of the United States. The position of Surgeon General has not been vacant for the last 17 months; many Republicans opposed the appointment of Vivek Murthy partly because of his ambitions to further regulate gun control, and (possibly because) he was Obama’s nominee for the position.


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LED Day – 41

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Day of May 11th 2014

  • Viggle is a pretty awesome app which gives you points for watching TV, listening to music and watching adverts.
  • Slidejoy is an app which puts ads on your lock screen and pays you a uniform fee per ad view.
  • There are SD cards with WiFi built into them. They allow for transfer of files across devices on the same network without having to eject the SD card. I can’t see how this would helpful for anyone who doesn’t use a DSLR camera.
  • Blur magazine is a magazine which compiles a set of photos from public submission.
  • The term 4k video refers to 4000 vertical lines of pixels in an image.
  • There are massively active click-farms (in developing countries) out there which provide tons of likes on Facebook. Buying likes from click-farm sites is against Facebook’s policy, but it appears that when you choose to promote your posts on Facebook with Facebook’s promotion system, the likes come from the same places.


  • I heard about the Viggle app on a news program covering people who actually seemed to have made a significant amount of money working at home.
  • I heard about the Slidejoy app on a news program covering people who actually seemed to have made a significant amount of money working at home.
  • I was looking at Amazon deals on SD cards when I came across the new breed of WiFi enabled SD cards.
  • I was doing research on what a professional photographer really is and came across sites where amateurs and professionals submit photos.


  • I was doing research on 4k TV’s when I learned what they actually are. Many 4k TV’s won’t make a difference to your viewing experience simply because of how much information your eye can process.
  • This video titled Facebook Fraud is rather eye-opening.

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LED Day – 22

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Day of April 22nd 2014

  • Jeanne Calment is the world’s record holder for living the longest life. Most notably, Mrs. Calment rode a bike until she was 100, lived by herself until 110, walked without aid until she was 114 and lived up to 122 years. She was a smoker since she was 21, and smoked about two cigarettes per day near the end of her life.
  • A “satyr” is a creature in Greek mythology characterized by it’s human torso but goat-like lower body, tail, horn, and ears.
  • The Greek hero Philoctetes is portrayed by a short and stout “satyr” in the Disney film Hercules.
  • It is something of a misconception to think that birds push themselves off the group when they flap their wings. Birds flap their wings and spread their feathers in such a way that the rising sweep has almost no air resistance. This creates an air pressure system around the bird which allows the bird to be pulled up as opposed to pushing off.
  • Bath salts (the illicit drug) were ingeniously sold as commercial products in the United States in order to avoid confrontation with the law. It is from this scam that bath salts derived their street name. The actual drug is part of the cathinone  group and has effects similar to amphetamines.


  • While doing a little outside research on life tables and survivorship curves for my Environmental Science lab, I came across the name of the record holder for longest life.


  • I was using Phil from the Disney film Hercules to poke fun at a friend of mine. She pointed out that Phil was a satyr, and I looked up the definition.
  • “Phil” in the Disney film Hercules is short for Philoctetes. Looking up Phil led to me to Greek legend.
  • Watching this video enlightened me. Birds and other animals move in fascinating ways.

  • While talking to a friend, I recalled the incident where a man proceeded to bite off another man’s face under the influence of bath salts. I decided to find out what chemical reactions could have influenced that decision.

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LED Day – 19

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Day of April 19th 2014

  • Middens” are heaps or piles of trash/refuse. Possibly buried for a very long time
  • Archaeologists and anthropologists use middens to unearth (pun) useful information about how people of a certain time used to live.
  • The “sirsasana” is a yoga position in which the body is inverted or upside down, and kept balanced and upright by the forearms. This seems difficult.
  • NJ Transit has a nice, well thought out and specific online navigation feature for travelers.
  • I save approximately $3800 per year now because of my transition to an electronic cigarette.
  • The word “free” really grabs people’s attention. Using it early into the presentation of an advertisement is very effective.


  • Watched an interesting video on garbage use.

  • The same video is responsible for this piece of information.
  • On Facebook, I came across a post of someone exclaiming that his father was able to do a perfect sirsasana. He left a link to the dedicated Wikipedia page to clarify.


  • I caught a glimpse of my parents planning their route to attend a concert in New Jersey, and then looked up the NJ Transit route planner on my laptop.


  • I calculated the price of about 29 packs of cigarettes per month to be about $350 and then multiplied that by 12 to get $4200. My electronic cigarette costs me about $50 every two months, yielding an estimated cost of about $300 dollars every year. If I estimate the cost of electricity across the year to be about $100, I spend about $400 total per annum on my electronic cigarette. Savings of $3800!
  • While on a local marketing quest for the institution I work for, I found that local businesses and common people did not seem to really register or care about what I was saying until I mentioned the “free” services we were offering.

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