LED Day – 2

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Day of April 2nd 2014

  • Liechtenstein is the world’s richest country in terms of GDP per capita. The nation is only 61.78 square miles large, (about one-third the size of Queens) has a population of about 35,000 and is bordered by Switzerland and Austria.
  • There’s a large Jewish cemetery near Queens College. The majority of the buried which I had the pleasure of examining had rather opulent gravestones and lived well past 75 years. The long life and expensive gravestones are probably the result of a strong financial background.
  • Darker colored soils indicate high levels of organic matter within.
  • The basement entrance to Skyview, BJ’s and Target parking lot uses a different colored ticket/card to enter and exit the lot. (White for Roosevelt Avenue entrance, and red for alternative entrance.)


  • Reading a Facebook status including “Liechtenstein” prompted me to run a Google search leading me to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liechtenstein
  • Environmental Science lab experiment took our class to a Jewish cemetery near Queens College to collect random age data samples of 100 deceased individuals.
  • Soil analysis lab experiment from Environmental Science class involved measuring nutrient dispersion.
  • Drove into BJ’s parking lot using the alternative entrance.

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