LED Day – 4

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Day of April 4th 2014

  • There is a patch of floor in the center of my living room that creaks ever so slightly when stepped on.
  • Use of the phrase “Bless you!” has a long list of possible origins. It’s usage possibly stems from the time of Bubonic plague/black death. People recognized sneezing as a sign of sickness, and followed the Pope’s example: individuals would “bless” their fellows in hopes of keeping the plague away.
  • There is paint (for walls) with primer already mixed in.
  • Ben Sliney (former FAA National Operations Manager) gave the order to fully shut down US airspace during the attacks of September 11th. This was an unprecedented and bold move; every plane flying in US airspace was ordered to land immediately.
  • China and India, though very large countries, have only one time zone each.


  • Tried to find the exact center of my living room and stepped on the spot.
  • Conversation with a friend after a sneeze prompted a Google search eventually leading me to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bless_you
  • Conversation with mom about painting walls.
  • Information about Ben Sliney was featured on a newsfeed that I monitor.
  • Curiosity about daylight savings time worldwide led me to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_time_zones_by_country

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