LED Day – 37

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Day of May 7th 2014

  • Weeds (the type found in gardens) are not a specific type of plant as I had always thought. Any plant that is undesirable is referred to as a weed.
  • ISO (concerning photography) doesn’t actually stand for anything. I always thought it did.
  • GMO’s are: Genetically modified organelles. The term refers to plants and foodstuff which are modified to better fulfill the needs of human beings. The term scares many people, but we’ve been using GMO’s for about a full century already.
  • A comprehensive list of mergers and acquisitions of many major institutions and companies can be found on Wikipedia.
  • Auto-focus technology in cameras and lenses can be quite sophisticated and accurate.
  • The neck of a duck is very flexible.


  • I was looking to describe different plant types as a part of my most recent environmental science lab. Unsure of what to call a certain type of dying grass, I decided to look up what a weed was in the lab manual.
  • A friend asked to explain what ISO stood for when I realized I don’t know what it stands for at all.
  • Various bits of research on GMO’s. My latest environmental science lab involves a debate; our debate topic is the use of GMO’s.
  • I was thinking about Yahoo and it’s ownership of both Tumblr and Flickr, and decided to see if I could find a list of all of Yahoo’s subsidiaries. I was surprised at how large the list was.
  • I just purchased a 35mm lens with auto-focus. It works like a charm and has pretty accurate depth perception.
  • I watched a duck clean or groom itself today with it’s head and beak. It brought it’s head back all the way around to the rear section of it’s feathers!

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