LED Day – 39

What is Project LED? Find out here

Day of May 9th 2014

  • Isaac Cordal has a very interesting form of art called Cement EclipsesIt’s unique and quite frankly awesome.
  • Holes on aerobeds can be hard to find. Aerobed officially suggests to spray water on an aerobed after it is inflated to find tears or holes.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a comprehensive list of professions, the requirements and average pay details.
  • There is no conclusive evidence that beta-carotene (a major ingredient in carrots) actually improve eye health.
  • Wikipedia hires! It has quite a few open positions.


  • I saw a sample of Isaac Cordal’s work online and was fascinated.
  • My aerobed has started to deflate overnight. I know there’s leakage, but it’s very hard to find. After Googling how to find the hole, I was presented with this. Don’t know if it works yet.
  • I went through a post outlining jobs that are attainable without a Bachelors or Master’s degree. The source link for all the information was the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • I was looking up how to improve vision or if it was at all possible. I found many sources suggesting consumption of carrots to boost the level of beta-carotene in the body. Many links however, question and contradict the theory.
  • Though I knew that Wikipedia had employees, I didn’t know they had a public application process!

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