LED Day – 40

What is Project LED? Find out here

Day of May 10th 2014

  • Sound can be visualized and studied using a process called: Schlieren Flow Visualization.
  • An Estuary is where open sea meets a river or stream.
  • There is a series of Google Chrome globe experiments which catalog and display numerical data around the globe in an aesthetically pleasing applet.
  • Scandinavia is comprised of three Kingdoms: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • There is a prestigious military college called: The Citadel in South Carolina.


  • A newsfeed I follow posted the following YouTube video explaining and showing off the effect.

  • The term estuary came up in the notes for my environmental science class, and I took note of the definition for a second time.
  • I was looking up information on Google, about Google, and came across the Chrome Experiments section.
  • The city of Stockholm came up while reading; it is the most populous city in Scandinavia. I then searched up Scandinavia and saw it on a map.
  • Random Wikipedia searching got me to the landing page for The Citadel Military College.

Daily Track:

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