What is Project LED?

Learn Every Day

“You learn something new everyday.” – Said pretty much every teacher, parent, counselor and motivational speaker ever.

It’s something I’ve heard consistently since early childhood, and have more or less accepted as a fact of life; my judgement tells me that it is true. However, I’ve never actually taken any steps to verify my learning process. Do I actually learn everyday? If so, how much?

On average, I can safely say that I spend about 15-17 hours of every day, awake. Over the course of a year, this gives me some 6000+ hours of waking exposure to the world. How much do I learn in 6000 hours? To find out, I’m creating a day to day series of posts which will outline what I take away and learn from each day of my life.

As of April 1, 2014 this is a work in progress.

DSC_0307 (3)


**Note: All photos included in this post series are taken by me. Any content not owned by me will be clearly defined and properly credited.


One response to “What is Project LED?

  1. wonderful! the human memory is complex, things are being encoded into working memory all the time, but let’s see if this project aids in encoding into your long term memory!

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