LED Day – 5

What is Project LED? Find out here

Day of April 5th 2014

  • Electricity is so necessary…
  • Everyone has their dark corners.
  • Wolfram Alpha is taking a shot at a very impressive goal: to produce a free-form, accessible database of all data represented knowledge. A computer that can answer all questions (in whatever form you input) with data.
  • https://www.mathway.com/ is a very helpful math tool. It can solve all major types of problems and even provide step by step guidance.
  • A lot of the people younger than me actually use Google+ as their primary social network. I don’t see much of other social networks because my group of friends and I are habituated to Facebook.


  • Working almost a full day without electricity in the workplace was rather difficult.
  • Watching one of my fellows in a moment of distress made me aware of a different side of his personality.
  • Suggested to download the Wolfram Alpha app. Decided to Google search it and ended up on their “about” page. http://www.wolframalpha.com/about.html
  • Listed as a useful tool on a newsfeed I monitor.
  • Conversation with my students reveal that many of them and their friends have full networks on Google+. Their networks include other kids from their schools and even neighborhood friends.

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